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"Rachel's advice and input has been extremely helpful to us, as we can confidently support and care for Amelia with a clearer understanding of what she is feeling and cannot express properly.


Amelia has been a lot calmer after reaching out to Rachel, as I think she is slowly able to identify the inner turmoil she is feeling and she feels more understood and validated. Before this, we were unsure how to direct her feelings about what was happening at school, as we were given different advice about dealing with change.


Rachel's gentle and compassionate approach is priceless in the present where kindness is often forgotten. It is a genuine feeling of gratefulness from us for Rachel's help. Thank you so much."


Yvonne, parent, east London, following an initial assessment

"Rachel worked with our family for over three years; first helping us prepare to become adoptive parents and then with a programme of Theraplay and parent sessions. Rachel was the first person to meet our adopted son; in that meeting she really noticed him and her insightful and nuanced observations formed the strong foundations for the family therapy we are still following. Her obvious care for us as a family, as well as each of us as individuals was invaluable in helping us build a trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship from the very beginning. With Rachel's guidance, we've built strong bonds of attachment with our son and we continue to benefit from her insights, training and care that gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves as "therapeutic parents". As a family created by adoption we are also a family thoroughly enriched by Rachel's contribution to our lives!"


Amanda, adoptive parent, North London

We talked through some really emotional subjects in our group; Rachel’s caring, considerate support helped us feel safe to share and I finished the sessions feeling closer to my baby and more able to enjoy the challenges of parenthood.

Sophie, new parent, Walthamstow

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