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Services for
Children and Parents


Parent/ carer consultations

A consultation can be a great place to start to explore something that is concerning you about your child or your experience of parenting. During a 50-minute session, there will be an exploration of concerns, alongside strengths and resources. At the end of the session Rachel  will make recommendations about next steps. Next steps could include intervention with a child, a child assessment, parent/ carer support, or referrals to alternative specialist services. 


Child assessments

Initial assessment enables a thorough understanding of strengths and needs, which provides the basis for a plan of therapeutic intervention. Assessments involve meeting with the child or young person and their parent(s) or carer(s). Sometimes an assessment involves speaking with other key people in the child's life, such as a teacher. Assessments are completed across 3-3.5 sessions. 

An assessment report can be completed for an additional fee. 


Child intervention

Intervention will be guided by initial assessment. If you already have a psychological assessment for your child, it may be appropriate to begin intervention from the outset. There are lots of ways to support a child psychologically. Often this includes work with parent(s) or carer(s) and sometimes this includes work with a school or nursery, alongside direct work with a young person. Often regular therapeutic sessions will involve both a child and a parent or carer. 


At the beginning of a course of intervention, Rachel will recommend a set number of sessions to begin with, at which point the work will be reviewed together, before agreeing the next steps. The initial number of recommended sessions can vary widely, depending on the complexity and severity of the child's needs. It can range from two sessions to twelve or more. 

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