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What is Raising Minds?

Raising Minds offers a range of psychological services designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and families. This includes assessment, therapy and parenting support. All services are delivered by Dr Rachel van Schaick, Specialist Clinical Psychologist, in North- east London or online. Rachel uses evidence-based practice combined with a flexible, warm and creative approach, to tailor support that fits.

Therapy Sessions

Services for
Children and Parents

Support for families at every stage, including assessments, therapy and consultation

and Fostering

Specialist services for care-experienced individuals and families

Services for Professionals

Supervision, consultation, training and specialist assessments for the family courts

Parent and Infant Groups

Promoting mental-health in infancy and parenthood

What can Raising Minds help with?

  • Behaviour that is challenging or concerning such as issues relating to sleeping, feeding, toileting, structure and boundaries

  • Child mental-health such as anxiety and low mood

  • Trauma, loss and grief 

  • Neurodiversity such as Autism and ADHD

  • Support with changes, transitions, and family stressors such as moving home or school, a parental separation, or illness in a family member

  • Parental mental-health and well-being at any stage 



About Rachel

Dr Rachel van Schaick is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in working with children, adolescents and parents. She is passionate about promoting good mental-health for families, and aims to achieve this this via work with young people, parents, organisations and community projects.

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